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Jimmy Lewis Searcher Stand Up Paddleboard Review – Fun for the Whole Family

Jimmy Lewis, Searcher, Jimmy lewis searcher, jimmy lewis stand up paddle

People told us before we had kids that “life will change….” and “things will never be the same….” Well, they were right. But where it breaks down is that many parents just stop living all together and having fun once they have kids! The sport of stand up paddling has allowed us to continue to […]

Paddler Profile – Todd Caranto, Founder/President of Pau Hana Surf Supply

What’s your name, age and location/home paddle turf? Todd Caranto, 42, North Los Angeles & Ventura CA What style of paddling do you prefer? (touring/racing/yoga/fitness/fishing/surf….) Hmm… That’s a tough one, because I have A.D.D. and I like it all.  Last year, I did quite a bit of white water paddling and adventure touring.  This year, […]

SUP DEMO DAY SAT. 8/11 Kiwanis Park, Merritt Island 10am-5pm

SUP Demo Days Epic Boardsports Kwanis Island

EPIC BOARDSPORTS will be holding a free Stand-Up Paddleboard Demo Day on Saturday August 11th, 10am-5pm at Kiwanis Park, Merritt Island FL, located off rt. 520 just west of Wal-Mart. We will be bringing boards from Boardworks SUP including Paddle Surf Hawaii and Ohana, Coreban, Jimmy Lewis, Rogue, Smooth SUP, Pau Hana, Chris Birch. We […]

Review of Versatile Surf / Cruising Stand Up Paddleboards

Not everyone is as lucky as we are down here on the Space Coast of Florida. We have options when we decide to go Stand Up Paddleboarding; do we go in the surf, or do we go in the river for some flatwater cruising. Once you decide how you want to spend your time on […]