Fishing From Your Stand Up Paddleboard – the Basics

Fishing From Your Stand Up Paddleboard

Fishing From Your Stand Up Paddle Board – the Basics I have to confess – I’m HOOKED!! While I’ve been paddling for 6 years now, it was not until recently that I decided to bring a fishing rod along while I paddle. Maybe you are in the same boat – paddle boarding in enjoyable, but you […]

A Stand Up Paddler’s Sun Bum Sunscreen Picks

Sun Bum Sunscreen Quiver

A Stand Up Paddler’s Sun Bum Sunscreen Picks My sunscreen “arsenal” “quiver” “picks” whatever you want to call it – this is what I use as someone who loves and lives in the SUN: If you truly love to stand up paddle, then you spend lots of time outside and in, on, or around the […]

Starboard Hyper Nut Review

Starboard Hyper Nut Surf SUP

If you have been on the hunt for a shorter board that can still provide you with the volume that you need and the stability that you crave on mushy surf days, then look no further than the hyper nut range from Starboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing. New for 2016, we are super excited to […]

5 W’s of Buying a SUP

Cocoa Beach Stand Up Paddle Boarding

5 W’s of Buying a SUP You want a stand up paddle board, or SUP. But which one should you buy? Often used in the field of journalism, the “Five Ws” constitute a formula for getting the full story. I have found that the same questions have helped many of our customers get dialed in […]

Starboard Pocket Rocket Review

Starboard Pocket Rocket Customer

Many thanks to Jeff Venn, who shared with us his review of the 2015 Starboard brushed carbon Pocket Rocket: I’ve been stand up paddle boarding for a few years now after surfing for the last 30. Finding the right balance of performance and stability in a stand up surf sup is the hardest part. After hunting down a […]

Jimmy Lewis Searcher Stand Up Paddleboard Review – Fun for the Whole Family

Jimmy Lewis, Searcher, Jimmy lewis searcher, jimmy lewis stand up paddle

People told us before we had kids that “life will change….” and “things will never be the same….” Well, they were right. But where it breaks down is that many parents just stop living all together and having fun once they have kids! The sport of stand up paddling has allowed us to continue to […]

9′ 5″ Pau Hana OAHU Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Epic Boardsports Pau Hana

“Pau Hana?” What’s that mean? The literal translation is “Work done.” It’s a Hawaiian term for the completion of a job or period of work responsibility. If you’re in need of a healthy, relaxing way to decompress for 30 minutes after a long day at the office, or a way to enjoy some time with […]