See manatees, dolphins & wild birds up close!

Ever wanted to have the feeling of “getting away” without having to go that far away?  Your chance to view coastal birds, gentle manatees, and playful dolphins up close & personal is just one board & paddle away!  No motor required!  No experience necessary!  Don’t keep saying, “I want to try that paddle boarding thing….”  Give us a call at: 321-406-1964 and schedule your tour of the river today!

Tours are booked by appointment, and weather permitting. The most favorable weather (temperature and wind) conditions are typically early mornings.  So, get lots of rest the night before, eat a healthy breakfast and hydrate well to maximize your fun factor!  All the gear needed for the tour will be provided. Of course, a basic level of instruction is given to help those who have never paddle boarded before.

“Aren’t there sharks and alligators in the river?” YES. The lagoons and rivers in the Central Florida area are teeming with wildlife: sharks and alligators included.  But truth be told, you need to be worried more about sunburn and dehydration than you do about the big attack by a shark or alligator!  Please wear sunscreen and drink lots of water in preparation for a safe time on the water.  A shark or alligator sighting is rare and would be very special!

But, please don’t let us go on and on about ourselves.  We have an excellent rating on Trip Advisor and we encourage you to check out what others have said about spending time with us.

Dates/Times: Tours are by reservation only and you pick the best schedule for your group. Tours last two hours.

$50 per person (50% advance deposit)

$80 per person (50% advance deposit)

Group Size: SUP Nature tours are best enjoyed in small groups. Our maximum is six and our minimum is two people. Smaller group sizes create the best opportunity to spot wildlife. Groups larger than 6 people, can break into smaller groups to maximize the experience for each guest.

Location: Varies

Arrival: Meet at Epic Boardsports 30 minutes prior to departure to take care of gear requirements, sign necessary paperwork, etc.

Be sure to check out our Tour FAQ’s or our General FAQ’s For more information