2017 Starlite Starboard Wide Point 10’5 x 32″

$1,399.00 $1,299.00

  • 10’5” offers quick glide with fast entry into waves and more reactive turning.
  • 32” width provides good balance and stability for cruising and surf.
  • Pulled in nose and tail outline for maximum speed.
  • Easy entry into smaller waves.
  • Available in Blue Carbon, Pine Tek, Starlite and Starshot Technology.
  • Bottom Shape: “Mono-concave to V with double concave to round V”
  • Heavy midsection V and double concave makes effortless rail-to-rail transitions down the line for generating speed, feeding into a tail concave for tight fast cutbacks.
  • Starboard used inverted EVA deck pads to avoid waste, thus every second board will have a reverse color combination from what is featured.


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