2017 Starboard Nut 8’5 x 29″ Starlite


  • High performance made easy and fun. Super smooth at every point, providing energy in smaller surf, yet contains power when it gets bigger for riders up to 85kg. Nose riding and short board styles make a truly versatile performance SUP.
  • Wide nose outline for extra stability and swing weight to drive off bottom turns.
  • Small and gutless to large powerful waves, it has a massive wave riding range.
  • The Nut outline accelerates water as you apply rail pressure, so when you utilize the mid-section V, you get incredible sensitivity, drive and speed from the subtlest of movements.
  • Bottom Shape: “Mono-concave to V to mid section”
  • Mono-concave in the nose provides lift, V in the mid section combines with the Nut outline for smooth rail-to-rail transitions. Tail concave delivers fast driven tight cutbacks.

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