2016 Starboard Pro 8’5 x 29″

$3,199.00 $1,499.00

  • The most popular PRO board in the range
    for its unquestionable versatility and ability
    to handle all size surf.
  • Suited to skilled riders up to 90kg who
    desire speed and tight turning to rip.
  • New tail pad for added grip to push
    bigger turns and thinner rails for
    increased reactivity.
  • Available in Blue Carbon Technology.
    Bottom shape: “Mono-concave to V off of the tail.”
  • Mono-concave gives speed down the line,
    while the V tail makes turning instant on the tail.
  • Drive and speed matched with tight cutbacks
    and vertical projection, all achieved with silky
    smoothness in the lines it draws.

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