2016 12′ x 33″ Starboard Sportsman Fishing SUP

$1,999.00 $1,399.00

12’0” length covers distance and maintains good ground speed for
trawling and paddling quickly in open ocean conditions.

  • Ultra wide tail increases overall stability to move and rotate freely
    when reeling in a big fish.
  • Volume in the nose stops the board diving in chop and keeps it
    stable enough to power through rough conditions.
  • Space on the deck to hold a cooler box with enough room to
    move around.
  • Bungee tie-downs help carry gear as well as multiple FCS inserts
    for different accessories.
  • Scotty Mounts in front of the standing area are ideal for aftermarket
    GPS and other Scotty accessories, while mounts behind can be used
    for attaching rod holders or a fishing rack.
  • Available in Starshot Technology without Fishing option.
    Bottom shape: “V to triple concave to single concave.”
  • Sharp V creates a very silent entry on the water making no
    noise and wake.
  • Round rail creates good displacement and glide and center
    channel concave for lift to reduce the wet area.

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