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5 W’s of Buying a SUP

Cocoa Beach Stand Up Paddle Boarding

5 W’s of Buying a SUP You want a stand up paddle board, or SUP. But which one should you buy? Often used in the field of journalism, the “Five Ws” constitute a formula for getting the full story. I have found that the same questions have helped many of our customers get dialed in […]

Brevard County Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Grand Canal

Brevard county grand canal

Many people already know about the Grand Canal, but there are still some that do not. If you already use the Grand Canal to paddle, then you might be interested in the “downwinder” I mention, if you are unaware of the canal, then read on… The Grand Canal runs North-south, and is located in Indian […]

Brevard County Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Crane Creek SUP Outing

Crane Creek FLorida SUP Epic Boardsports

Another good spot to SUP in Brevard County, FL. Crane Creek is located on the West side of the Indian River, just south of 192 bridge, in Melbourne (click on map image above for greater detail). This is a great, easily accessible, place to SUP, that also gives a few possibilities to make it even […]

CROSS TRAINING & SUP: Is It Right For You?

Stand up paddle yoga

Cross training and SUP Stand up paddling: Is it right for you? Most recognize stand up paddling for its touring and aquatic exploration potential. Others see stand up paddling as another means to surf, even fish. Oddly, most overlook SUP as an effective cross training activity as well as a competitive sport. So this bares […]

SUP Paddling Techniques 101 per David Kalama

Paddle techniques at Epic Boardsports

PADDLES AT EPIC BOARDPORTS Season is upon us here on the right coast. Many people have been in the shop lately looking at boards, buying boards, and indirectly asking about paddling technique by asking how do they keep their board going straight. Now is the time to dig deeper into this topic, before you develop […]