A Stand Up Paddler’s Sun Bum Sunscreen Picks

Sun Bum Sunscreen Quiver

A Stand Up Paddler’s Sun Bum Sunscreen Picks

My sunscreen “arsenal” “quiver” “picks” whatever you want to call it – this is what I use as someone who loves and lives in the SUN:

Sun Bum Sunscreen Quiver
Sun Bum Sunscreen Quiver

If you truly love to stand up paddle, then you spend lots of time outside and in, on, or around the water. So whether you are on your board, or just hanging at the beach in between sessions, you need take sun safety as seriously as you do water safety.

So you already know what you need to be safe on your board, but what do you use to protect your skin, lips, and hair?! (Yes, we are going to protect your HAIR, too!) I’ll break down the products you see above and tell you why I use and love each:

Sun Bum Lip Balm

In KEY LIME flavor – of course, because well, every self-respecting Floridian loves key lime pie, and I am no different. I love this lip balm because it not only protects my lips, but it also conditions them at the same time, and this lip balm does NOT taste like sunscreen. Use this lip balm with caution. It tastes so good that you will want to EAT it. Resist the urge.

I also use this lip balm as a “base” for my lipstick or lip pencil when I am getting ready for the shop or a night out, and not just a day at the beach.

Sun Bum 3 In 1 Leave In

This magical formula is for your hair. Can I hear all the ladies rejoice? Now all those hours spent and hard-earned dollars spent on getting your hair to be that perfect shade of red, or auburn….will not be in vain! This spray helps prolong the life of your hair color when used consistently as part of your hair care regimen. And for those natural blondes that don’t pay the big bucks for your beautiful hair color – your hair will benefit too from the conditioning component of this 3 in 1 Leave In. No more frizzy, icky hair days. Your hair will be smoother and softer for using the Sun Bum 3 In 1.

**As a note** There is no sunscreen (SPF) factor to it that will help your scalp – so for all those visor fans out there (let’s face it, visors are cooler than trucker hats for paddling in the FL heat!) – please use some SPF 15 or greater sunscreen on your scalp to prevent skin cancer.

Sun Bum Pro Face Stick

You can rub the stuff in, or just leave your face looking pasty. I go pasty because I just don’t care about the looks. This stuff works, and it is easy to apply – on myself, and also on my 2 groms that are hard to pin down for sunscreen application. This is easy to pack in your PFD waist pack too and reapply as needed, but you may not need to. This stuff has pure staying power.

The PRO products are specifically made for athletic endeavors. It’s a mineral based endurance formula that is tough enough to stay on in extreme conditions. The Pro lineup from Sun Bum goes on thicker than many other sunscreen formulas and leaves a clear sheen film on your skin.

If you don’t like a face stick, the Pro formula lotions are also great too for the face. No pasty effect with the lotions.

Sun Bum SPF 30 Lotion

OK so I admit it. I like a bit of a tan on my arms/legs/stomach/back….anywhere but on my face. I can always wear bronzers on my face, but I want a little tan on the rest of me. The original lotions are light, sheer, and scented like BANANA! Yum. The original lotions are what I use in between sessions, while building sand castles with the kids instead of catching waves on my SUP.

Whatever your sunscreen needs – we have a wide range of options from the Sun Bum lineup! Get it in store at 350 N Atlantic Ave. Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 or online any time at: www.new.epic-boardsports.com