9′ 5″ Pau Hana OAHU Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Epic Boardsports Pau Hana

“Pau Hana?” What’s that mean? The literal translation is “Work done.” It’s a Hawaiian term for the completion of a job or period of work responsibility. If you’re in need of a healthy, relaxing way to decompress for 30 minutes after a long day at the office, or a way to enjoy some time with the family on the weekend after a stressful work week, then it’s time to consider an OAHU stand up paddle board by Pau Hana.

The Pau Hana OAHU was shaped and designed by Todd Caranto as a true nose rider SUP with a spooned out nose, wide tail, and full rails. This design gives it stability and maneuverability, while not making any sacrifices in the fun department.  Though designed as a nose riding SUP, the Pau Hana OAHU is an excellent all around board, too. My family and I have taken it down the WekivaRiver, into the Atlantic Ocean, and everywhere in between.

Here’s a pic of me getting set up for some Pau Hana time behind our house in Cape Canaveral:

Epic Boardsports OAHU-Sunset
Getting set for a session on the 9’5″ Pau Hana OAHU

Getting set for a session on the 9’5″ Pau Hana OAHU

I paddled hard for a few minutes to get some exercise & the heart rate up… then sat back and enjoyed THIS sunset view……

Epic Boardsports Pau Hana boards
Pau Hana OAHU and a Sunset View

At 32” wide, the 9’5” OAHU is super stable, making it a chill way to enjoy some time on the water. And check out the 4 ¼” rails, too:

Epic Boardsports Pau Hana
Rails at Water Level on the 9’5″ Pau Hana OAHU


I just sat back for a few and relaxed. Maybe if I knew any yoga poses, I would have struck a few, because this board is certainly a stable enough platform for yoga:

Epic Boadsports Pau Hana SUP
Ahhh…Wind in My Hair, Sun on My Face


The paddle back home was a little more work, as the winds came up. Also, at 9’5” in length, you have to take a few more strokes of the paddle to keep the board tracking in a straight line on flat water. But the overall mission of exercise, time away at the end of the day, and relaxation was achieved.

The Pau Hana OAHU is an excellent board that continues to deliver hours of fun on the water. If you have any questions about whether this board may be right for your paddling style, weight, etc. Then please give us a shout at the shop: 321-406-1964 or e-mail us at: info@new.epic-boardsports.com


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