Indo Land Training Boards


The Indo Original Yin Yang has a specially designed yin yang art design by surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy with a textured deck and light colored Indo Man logo. Please don’t forget to add either the IndoFLO Balance Cushion or Original Roller if needed with this purchase. Indo Boards are fun and guaranteed to improve your balance, core stability and overall posture.

The Indo Pro Sunburst has a radical yellow and green sunburst design by artist Alex Lanau that looks bright and bold on the larger sized all wood textured deck of the pro model.

The Kicktail Pro Natural is the longer kicktail model and design that offers an alternative to the mini-pro deck. The Natural features an all wood board with a large Indo Man logo on a textured deck.


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Indo Land Training Boards

The basic goal of the Indo Land Training Boards is to ride as long as possible while keeping the board from touching the ground. This product was designed to enable the rider to have hours of fun while exercising the core muscles involved in boardsports, teamsports and fitness training. The Indo Board is great for Sports Training, Rehab and Therapy by promoting core training and core stability on a unique balance training device used by professional athletes worldwide.

The Indo Board Mini Pro is designed to reduce the weight and surface area of the Indo Pro model with a (39″ x 12″) deck. This model is perfect for advanced riders who want loose action and to throw lots of tricks like Ollies, spins, shuv-its, grabs, air drops, and more!. The Indo Mini Pro is Ideal for skateboarders, wakeboarders, wakeskaters, snowboarders, and kitesurfers.

The Indo Board Kicktail Pro is specifically designed for big tricks. This model offers the most stability available of any kick-tail model. Wakeskaters, Wakeboarders, Skateboarders, and Snowboarders love this model!

Great for training for Surfing, Snowboarding, Skiing, MMA, Wakeboarding, Teamsports and Crossfit Fitness training. The Indo Board Balance Trainer is used by the US Surf Team, Jay Thompson, Taj Burrow, Evan Geiselman, Courtney Conloque, Bethany Hamilton, Sunny Garcia and sooo many more! “Get Indo It!”


Dimensions 15 x 3 x 42 in

Sunburst, Yin Yang, Natural