FCS II Connect GF Longboard Fin


Versatile, high performance LB fin  made of glass-flex plastic for all conditions. Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board. And now with the new FCS II system – NO HARDWARE or TOOLS needed!!

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FCS II Connect GF Longboard Fin

The latest in fin technology – this glass flex center fin does not need any tools or hardware to install. You can even adjust this fin on the “fly” while out on the water without the risk of losing your fin screw or back plate. This new system is a game changer, and until this fall, was only available in the side bites and with special FCS II boxes.

If you are tired of losing your hardware in the sand or grass, and missing out on your session because you didn’t bring a spare….Or if you are tired of fin screws and back plates getting rusty and worn out….Or if you need to nest boards on top of your car quickly without futzing around with a fin key…then you need this fin!


Neutral, well balanced template.
Versatile, high performance Longboard (LB) fin for all conditions.
Offers a combination of drive, speed and response for modern longboarding.
TURN & CONNECT (Seamlessly connect turns and move up and down the board).
2 + 1 Compatible.
Suits most LB’s with hard edges.

Designed to be used in existing FCS Longboard boxes. No new box required.
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 2 x 19 in

8", 9"


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