2016 Starboard Avanti 11’2 x 36″


2016 Starboard Avanti 11’2 x 36″

Don’t be fooled by the board’s XL size. The Avanti from Starboard was MADE for surf. This is the big boy’s ticket to riding waves when the Whopper is just a smidge shy volume-wise of what the rider needs.

• 11’2” length has fast glide for flat-water
cruising and easy entry into waves.

• 36” width offers an incredibly stable board
for heavier riders or multiple paddlers up to 130kg.

• The bottom shape performance defies
the dimensions of such a big board.

• Available in Blue Carbon, Wood,
AST Electric, Starshot and ASAP Technologies.

• AST Electric has windsurf option.

Bottom Shape: “Mono to double concave to tail concave”

• Nose concave feeding into a heavy mid-section
double concave and V, create lift for getting into the wave easily.

• Ability to generate speed with rail-to-rail
transition from the middle of the board.

• Mono-concave tail offers speed with
curve on the rail for tighter turning.