Kiteboarding Lessons

PASA certified Kiteboarding Instructor

PASA is Professional Air Sports of America, the acknowledged authority on kiteboarding instruction in the US. Our instructor is a PASA certified Kiteboarding Instructor, and our lesson plan has been approved by PASA.

 Kiteboarding Lessons / Classes:

  • All kiting equipment is provided for the classes below. Any use of personal equipment will be left to the instructor’s discretion depending on age and condition of the gear, and if necessary safety systems are present.
  • Please bring water, snacks, sun screen, hats, etc. necessary for a 3-4 hour lesson in the sun.
  • You must bring your own water shoes/booties for the Beginner 2 Class.

Intro to Kiteboarding – (1 hour) Find out if kiteboarding is really something you are interested in pursuing.

  • Learn some basic concepts involved with kiteboarding
  • Look over the gear
  • Kite set-up, and fly a trainer kite.
  • Cost is $50, and it can be applied towards the Beginner class if you decide to continue on with your lessons.

Beginner 1 Class (Land School) – (3-4 hours) Entire lesson is done in the shop and on the beach.

  • What is PASA, and why you should be a member
  • Kiteboarding Theory: awareness as it relates to weather, location, choosing gear, wind characteristics, wind window, etc.
  • Gear: Setting up, and becoming familiar with, all of the equipment involved
  • Safety systems
  • Launching and landing an inflatable trainer kite
  • Kite flying concepts while using a trainer kite
  • Simulated Self-Rescue
  • Cost is $200

Beginner 2 Class (Water School) – (3-4 hours) Entire lesson is done in the water, or near the water.

  • Rigging-up and launching a 4-line inflatable kite
  • Water re-launches
  • Body / board dragging
  • Kite control, board control, body positioning
  • Power strokes and simulated water-starts
  • Water starts
  • Kite positioning and edging
  • Self-Rescue
  • Cost is $200. Some students may require, or want, more than 4 hours to fine-tune the above skills. Extra time will be charged at $50 / hour.

Intermediate / Advanced Classes – Progress more quickly with your riding skills while working 1-on-1 with an instructor

  • Riding up-wind
  • Transitions
  • Jumping
  • Wave riding
  • Cost is $75 / hour

Chase Boat Session – Non instructional boat assisted river session. We will pick you up and drop you off while you are learning to ride upwind.

  • Cost is $50 / hour

Guided Ocean Downwinder – We will take care of the logistics for an ocean downwind ride, and provide assistance as needed.

  • Experienced kiters only
  • Cost is $50 / hour